Design Process

After working in the industry for several years, Alberto created the following diagram (image below) to outline the role of Industrial Design in the Product Development Process, which he shares with his students and clients when engaging in new projects as part of an educational exercise.

As an overview diagram, the graph highlights the phases of the process and the active participation of industrial designers showing some sample activities (not all activities are included since these vary from project to project), as well as related activities by other disciplines such as marketing, research or engineering.

While industrial designers participate all along the process of developing a product (from the problem definition to the market launch after production), this graph makes an emphasis on the front end phases where design is used strategically for the product inception and it highlights the Creative Synthesis part, where constant iteration is required.

The Production Engineering and Manufacturing phases have been simplified for visual purposes but the participation of ID during these phases should not be minimized in importance.

Click here to download the graph, which can be used under BY-NC-ND Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives).


Alberto has been involved in teaching design at various universities since 2003 (UNAM, UIA, Centro, and ITESM in Mexico) and has been invited lecturer in several ones, including the Haas MBA course at University of California Berkeley & Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

He's also participated as external adviser at California College of the Arts, Stanford University Engineering School, Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Beijing's DeTao Masters Academy, and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

Through his work, lectures, and as a pioneer promoting industrial design on the web, Alberto has inspired hundreds of young designers around the world.

In 2002 he was awarded as Honorary Member of the National Association of Research in Didactics, of Spain.